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Spokane Makeup Artist Anna Mumau Makeup


What do you charge?

All quotes are custom to you and your needs, and depend on things like:

  • how many people require makeup services

  • the wedding location

  • if you'd like touchup services (highly recommend!)

You can request a quote here.


Can you do my mom's makeup?

Absolutely! I offer makeup services for brides, bridesmaids, moms, and flower girls. See the gallery here.


Do you do men's grooming?

Yep! I have facial hair clippers, tweezers, moisturizer, beard wax, and can apply undetectable makeup to cover up pesky breakouts (happens all the time!) and sunburns.


Do I need to bring anything with me, when you do my makeup?

Nope! Just bring yourself. I have everything you need.


What if I forget something, the day of my wedding?

No stress! I have a speaker, nail polish remover pads, lens cleaner, sing-use eye drops, disposable toothbrushes, floss picks, mints (fresh breath for all the kissy pics!), deodorant wipes, stain remover, a lint roller (brides with pets sigh in relief), straws (so you don't mess up your lip color), nail files...all the things! 

A new husband and wife kissing in the sunset in Ellensburg, Washington. Makeup by Spokane Makeup Artist Anna Mumau Makeup
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